EKC Tournament Manager

EKC Tournament Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage Swiss system style tournaments, including registration of teams and players. It is developed for and used at the EKC European Kubb Championships.

Open Source Software

EKC Tournament Manager is free and open source software licensed under the GPL v3 or later.

Source code and technical documentation is available on Github.


Install the EKC Tournament Manager plugin through the plugin store in the WordPress admin pages.


A step-by-step tutorial on how to run a Swiss system style tournament with EKC Tournament Manager is available as well.


The EKC Tournament Manager plugin is developed by Lukas Huser, the logo has been designed by Sophie Fischer.

This project is supported by the EKA European Kubb Association.


An installation of the EKC Tournament Manager is available at kubb.live. This site is maintained by Lukas Huser and is intended to be available to the Kubb community. If you are interested in hosting a Kubb tournament on kubb.live, please contact Lukas. Please note that this offer is in ‘closed beta’ at the moment and not completely open to the public.


EKC Tournament Manager is open source and completely free of charge. However, if you are using it for commercial events (e.g. for a company) or a large Kubb tournament where you earn some money, please consider a donation.

Suggested fees for an installation of the plugin on your own website: 50 EUR to 100 EUR. Suggested fees for a tournament hosted on kubb.live: Number of teams divided by two (e.g. 50 EUR for a large tournament with 100 teams, 20 EUR for a medium sized tournament with 40 teams etc.).

Of course, any donation is welcome ❤️

50% of all donations go to the EKA European Kubb Association. 50% of all donations go to Lukas Huser (for hosting infrastructure of kubb.live and further development of the EKC Tournament Manager plugin).